Friday, July 18, 2008

Sage's Day

Yesterday for Sage's Birthday Robert and I took him to Sea World for a day of fun. We did only what he wanted to do. First, we went to the new Sesame Street Bay of Play and rode the rides.

Then he jumped on the Air Jump

We had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and had some really yummy food!
We saw Circ De La Mer. Sage loved every minute of it!

Then off to the Shark Encounter. We also rode the Sky Tower and saw the new Sesame Street 4D Show "Lights, Camera, Imagination". Sage also loved that and laughed the entire time.

Sage and Me walking to the Sesame Street 4D Show

Later in the day we had Pizza for Dinner and Ice Cream for dessert. We opened presents. Sage got a reversible batman/superman cape from my Mom, batman & superman action figures from Aurora, a new Disney Cars backpack and lunch box for Preschool and an inflatable Thinking Chair from Blue's Clue's from Robert and I. He loved all of his presents. Thank you to everyone who sent cards, left comment's or called, you truly made his day!

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