Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Second Grade Curriculum

I've been doing some research and on Wednesday I meet with my EP(educational partner) to order the curriculum I've chosen for the kids this next school year. I am so excited!



Social Studies





Monday, May 30, 2011

Phone Calls

When School starts in September I will not be answering the phone until 4pm. I will not have time to talk while doing school with the kids and while the daycare kids are all at school I want to enjoy my kids and not have any distractions from them. I ask that you leave a message and I'll call you back at the end of the day. If it is an EMERGENCY call my cell phone.


Our life this past year has been full of changes. Some good and some not so good. We now have our own home but it didn't happen the way I hoped it would. I would gladly trade it if I could have my Mom back with us. Our home has changed in it's appearance and while I miss certain things about the way my Mom had it, I am enjoying making it my own. It is because of these changes that I now have the courage to do what Robert and I have always wanted to do and what we and my Mom knew was best for our children. Because of my Mother's belief in me to home school our children I now know that it is what my family was meant to do.

This last year has been one of personal growth and combined with losing Hayden and my Mom I have become a stronger woman, while I have suffered through some horrible depression I am learning that all that matters is me, my husband and children. I am only required to take care of them and everything and everyone will just have to deal with the fact that I cannot take care of them too. While I want to be like my Mother, I will NOT let what happened to her happen to me. I will overcome this depression and not let others bring me down. I no longer have room for negativity in my life and will not tolerate anyone who tries to bring it into my life. I am worth loving and being taken care of and no one will ever make me feel different.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I know that it will most likely need to be changed and it is flexible in case one subject doesn't take as long and one takes a little longer depending on the lesson or day but it does give me a schedule to go by so we can stay on track since not only will we be homeschooling but I also do daycare out of our home.
7:30 - Wake Up / Breakfast / Dressed
8:00 - Pledge
8:10 - Math
8:30 - Reading & Phonics
8:50 - Writing
9:10 - Grammar
9:30 - Snack Break
9:40 - Spelling & Vocabulary
10:00 - Handwriting
10.20 - Socila Studies
10:40 - Science
11:00 - Lunch
11:45 - Daycare kids to Preschool
12:00 - Family Time
3:00 - Pick up daycare kids from school

It's Offical...

We are now a Home Schooling family! We are so excited for this new step in our lives and can't wait to see how much our family grows and changes for the better.

You may think that we are insane for doing this but rest assured we aren't one of those families that gives Home Schooled kids a bad name. We have a schedule all set up and the help of an amazing Charter School who will provide all the of materials that we could ever need. We will use the same text books and lesson plans that public schools use but we will do it at home where the kids can get one on one attention instead of having to fight for the teachers attention with 30 other kids. We are also converting our guestroom/ toy room into a school room/guestroom. The kids are excited to learn and  grow and I can't wait to help them grow and learn.

We are now TLC Jaguars!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today I am grateful for so many things. I have an amazing husband and 4 amazing children. I have the Gospel in my life which allows me to know that I will see my first two children and my Mother again. I am the daughter of an amazing woman who taught me how to be a mother and wife and taught me compassion and love for everyone. I am a lot like her in many ways and I am so proud of that. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear, a running vehicle and other things that I am blessed to have. I have an amazing calling that allows me to serve at the San Diego Temple every month. I have friends who love and support me and most importantly an Eternal Marriage to an amazing man who honors his Priesthood and loves me and his children with all his heart.