Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch up...

I know I am so behind on blogging. I have had no desire to blog or even take pictures the last few months. I have some pictures all organized and ready to go, so I am making a list here and I'll link back to it so my posts are in order.
* Bike Riding
* Aurora's party
* Dr. Suess' Birthday
* Butterflies
* Poor Thing
* Sage - Progress Report


I'm caught up for now, hopefully I can stay that way.

Poor Thing...

When Aurora gets sick she REALLY gets sick. She spent all day today in her Grandma's chair with a barf bowl. I took this after I convinced her that a bath would help her feel better, she's still looks really pathetic though. 

It breaks my heart to see her hurting and knowing that I can't do anything about it makes it even worse. She even told me that her heart was broken so she couldn't love anymore and that made her sad because love is very important our family. We use that word hundreds of times a day, my children should never wonder If their Daddy and Mommy love them, I think it's engraved in their brains.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sage - Progress Report

This little big boy has come so far in the last school year and we couldn't be more proud of him. In September 2011 he was at a kindergarten level in reading and math and a first grade level in everything else. 

After almost a year of Homeschooling he is now at a second grade almost third grade reading level, his math skills have improved and while he might not have all his math facts memorized he does know how to solve them using manipulative's. He excels at science, history and art and loves to learn everything he can about the world around him. He struggles with his learning disabilities but he is making great strides in his education.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful Butterflies!

Aurora received a butterfly garden kit for her birthday so we sent off for the caterpillars and for Science we spent 22 days watching and observing them grow and make their chrysalises. It was definitely an amazing experience and one I hope they will never forget.

After 10 days the butterflies started emerging from their chrysalises. It took a total of 4 days for all 5 of them to hatch. It was a beautiful experience to watch one of God's many miracles.

The best part is that it counted for Science curriculum for both of the kids schooling!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

We are huge Dr. Seuss fans so every year we do something fun to celebrate. This year I decided to make sugar cookies to look like green eggs. The kids thought they were so cool!

We made Cat in the Hat hats and read some of our all-time favorite books.

We even did a fun math activity after we read One Fish, Two Fish in which the kids were given a bag of colored goldfish crackers and a graph and had to sort the fish by color and fill in the chart and compare them to each others. They loved it!

We ate some quick lunch and then headed out to see THE LORAX on opening day. Sage and Aurora still tell me how it was the best school day ever!