Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Happy 17th Birthday Lydia! We love you much are beyond blessed to have you in our family. I can't believe how old you are, I still see you as my little Sunbeam.

I love you because you are an amazing daughter of God who freakishly reminds me of me when I was your age. Robert loves you because you are a strong girl with an amazing sense of humor and a strong testimony of the gospel and the importance of it in your life. Sage loves you because your so gorgeous and you used to read to him when he was little. Aurora loves you because you are her big sister and you sing songs and dance with her.

We hope you have a great day Lydia and always remember that you will forever be a part of our family. LOVE YOU TONS!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I know, I know.....

I'm a major slacker. I've been meaning to post but when I sit down to do it I just get depressed and overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Instead of doing individual posts I'm just gonna do one big picture crazy post.

Aurora started Ballet/Tap lessons in January and is loving them. Her first performance is in 3 weeks at a National Dance Week promotion. Her recital will be in June and then in July they are performing at the Fair in Del Mar. She has great rhythm and I'm hoping that she gets it from me and my show choir days.

Sage lost his second tooth by his own hands. It had been loose for a few weeks and he got sick of it so he picked up a weight and hit himself in the mouth and out it came.

Sage has also been doing gymnastics for almost a year and he's becoming quite the muscle man. Since this is an activity he shares with his Dad and his Dad keeps forgetting the camera I have no pictures to show. I have been a few times and of course I also forgot the camera. Hopefully this week we'll remember.

Aurora and I had a few days to ourselves while Sage was at school so we had tea parties with the tea set I bought when she was born so we could do this exact thing. I remember doing it with my Mom when I was her age and I only wish that we would have started it sooner so she could have done one with us. I'm thinking about taking Aurora to the cemetery to have a tea party with Grandma.