Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year was the best Halloween ever! Sage and Aurora are seriously the best kids I could have asked for. We took them to a neighborhood over by Robert's work this year and they had a blast! The best part of the night was Aurora opening one the front doors mail slot and asking if anyone was home because she really wanted some candy. Sage was funny too, a few houses after Aurora's comedic moment Sage knocked on the door louder than he should have and said "Come on.... I need some candy!" I was so embarrassed but the home owners thought it was funny.

Their costumes this year were perfect and totally fit their personalities.


Marissa said...

Which neighborhood did you go to? Love the costumes! They look perfect in them!

donandbecky said...

I absolutely love their costumes!

Amber said...

Love Love their costumes!!