Thursday, December 31, 2009

BEST OF 2009

2009 was a good year for us. Here's a few highlights:

*Sage found his one true love in Preschool. {click here}

*Robert and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary
*I celebrated my 1st Anniversary with Stampin' Up!
*Aurora celebrated her 2nd Birthday {click here}
*Hayden turned 6

*Sage started Mommy&Me Preschool and his learning took off from there. {click here}*Sage also made his first trip to Library and got a Library card.

*We bought a new Camera after our old one died
*I started a Blog for Hayden {click here}

*Aurora but right through her lip {click here}

*The kids and I took a trip to Utah {click here}
*Sage & Aurora learned the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller

*I went to Stake Girls Camp as a Stake Leader, AWESOME!!!!
*Sage celebrated his 5th Birthday {click here}

*I went and saw WICKED twice, it was amazing!
*Sage started Kindergarten {click here}

*Stampin' Up! released the most amazing product, My Digital Studio
*Aurora got her first haircut {click here}
*While browsing some SU! Demo Blogs of the Display Boards from Convention, I realized that
one of my cards was on display for 6,000+ SU! Demo's see. {click here}

*My Mom & I took a trip to Utah for 3 days with NO KIDS
*Sage enjoyed his first Mommy/Daddy date {click here}
*I celebrated my 28th Birthday

*I went and saw THIS IS IT {click here}
*Robert celebrated his 34th Birthday, complete with a Twilight themed birthday card {click here}
*I saw NEW MOON, twice! {click here} Holy Hot Vampire Batman!
*We had 14 people over for Thanksgiving Dinner, none of which are related to us.

*I made my first gift with My Digital Studio, a calendar for my Mother-In-Law
*We had an amazing Christmas!

We had a great year and we look forward to what 2010 brings us.

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Unknown said...

sounds good!

Have a GREAT 2010!