Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

The First day of School has arrived! I've been dreading and awaiting this day for months. I'm very excited for Sage but still sad to see my baby off to school. He on the other hand isn't sad at all and wanted nothing more than to be at school. I had to ask him three times to give me a hug.

Here he is on the deck this morning with him backpack and lunch box.

Here he is in front of his classroom.

Here he is reading book at his desk waiting for school to start.

I miss him so much! For the first 5 days he gets out early, so I'll be there waiting outside his classroom.


Marissa said...

He is too cute! He must be so proud of himself - love the first picture!

Amber said...

Hooray- You survived!!! He looks like he will do fine!