Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ah.... Young Love

Since the first week of Preschool, Sage has been telling me about his Friend Analia and how she's "Sooooo Pretty!". Well.... today he made his move. They were walking back from lunch and he decided he'd try to hold her hand.

Once they were back in the classroom, they sat next to each other did their activities and played with their other friends. Then later, when they went outside for Recess, they played together and were inseparable.

Sage picked her a Dandelion. If you look close you can see it in his right hand. These two pictures are my favorite. I love how she's twirling her hair, and is all giggles!

They are the best of friends and love to play together. I guess we'll have to schedule some play dates. Hopefully they'll be in the same Kindergarten Class.

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