Monday, June 8, 2009

Utah ~ June 2009

My Mom, Sage, Aurora and I just returned from a great trip to Utah for my Nephew's High school Graduation. Here's how it went:

June 3rd ~ Got up at 4:15am and loaded the van with last minute items and the kids and left the house at 5:00 am. We were in hopes that the kids would sleep but they were wide awake as soon as I put them into the van. I drove all the way to Mesquite, Nevada where my Mom and I traded places because I'm a wimp and don't like to drive the Virgin River Gorge. We stopped in Beaver, Utah for the night, cause the kids really needed to get out and run.

June 4th ~ Got up and left Beaver at 8:00am. We were driving past Springville and Sage insisted that we stop and buy a toy for Hayden so we went to Wal-Mart and picked up this Pin-Wheel and Basketball. We Got into Salt Lake City around Noon and went directly to see Hayden.

Then we drove to my Brother Danny's House in Kearns, Utah where I dropped off my Mom and visited while the kids played with their dogs Snoodle and Parker. I then took the kids to Robert's parent's house and we had dinner and met the kids newest cousin Joshua. He's soooo tiny! Then I loaded up the kids again and went back down to Spanish Fork to stay at my best friend Marci's house. Marci also married a Parker{no relation that we know of).

June 5th ~ We spent the morning playing with Aunt Marci, Uncle Shawn and cousin's Callie and Wade and then went to the park. We came home for naps and worked in the backyard and then Callie, Sage & Aurora played croquet in the backyard.

Sage hugging Callie after he accidentally wacked her in the leg with his croquet mallet.

We then found this Ginormous Bee in the backyard. Sage even rode the back of Uncle Shawn's Police Car.
June 6th ~ We spent most of the day inside because it was so cold and the Sage & Aurora's allergies were really acting up with all the pollen in the air. The kids took naps and then we went shopping and then came home and ordered Papa Murphy's Pizza(the best pizza ever). We went for a walk along the stream near the house before bed and then came home and put the kids to bed and the adults stayed up till 12:30 am talking and laughing.
June 7th ~ I woke up at 7am and got the van packed up and said goodbye to Marci, Shawn, Callie & Wade at 8:30 and left for Salt Lake City to pick up my Mom and visit Hayden one last time before we left. We just added these pretty white flowers to the pink roses we took him a few days earlier. I really miss him and can't wait until April 2010 when we move him here to San Diego.
Then I dropped my Mom off at my Brother's Ward so she could be there when my Nephew was set apart as an Elder before he leaves for Snow College, where he'll be playing Football. I went and got gas and then we headed out. We stopped in St. George, Utah at Fazoli's for dinner(yum-o).

I snapped this after we came out of the Virgin River Gorge. The kids were watching a movie. We stopped at the Virgin River Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada for the night so the kids could run around.
June 8th ~ We left around 8am and headed for home. Sage was being super silly and was really enjoying watching his favorite movie off all-time, Ducktales: The Movie.

Aurora spent the entire trip home with her legs propped on the sides of her seat. She's such a little spaz.
It was a really fun trip, but we really missed Robert and are glad to be home. I don't think I'll ever travel with the kids without Robert until the kids are much older.

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Marissa said...

Sounds like you did a ton! I especially love the croquet pictures.