Saturday, September 13, 2008

Room Makeover

The Kid's Room has been bugging me lately, so I rearranged it. We painted it a neutral color right before Aurora was born since Sage and Aurora share their room. One of these days they'll have thier own rooms.
I left the dresser where it was since it's bolted to the wall.
I moved Sage's Toy Box that his Grandpa Sugar made them and their chair that used to be their Grandma Sugars into the nook. The portrait hanging over the rocking chair is a Canvas of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip. Aurora Loves it, and says "Ahhh..." every time she looks at it. Their nice church clothes hang from that little rack because their closet is full of food storage.

This is Sage's half of the room. Can you tell he loved Buzz Lightyear when we did his room 2 years ago. My Mom made the quilt, pillowcase and curtain.He's been asking for Spiderman and Batman lately, Maybe next year for his birthday we'll re-do it.

This is Aurora's half of the room. The crib skirt is made from Pink Tulle was handmade by my Mom. In fact my Mom made her entire Bedding Set by hand. The Bumper is long gone, since Aurora used it to climb out of the crib and the quilt is folded up for the Summer since it's too warm. The curtains match the bumper and quilt.

This is a close-up of the phrase at the head of the crib. It's a Wall Vinyl that I bought for Aurora's room last year. I thought I had lost it until today when I found it organizing the kids blankets up of the shelf in their room. So I thought I'd finally put it up. It totally fits her. She is my little Ballerina!

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