Friday, March 14, 2008

What Can Brown Do For Me?

I've been contemplating this for the last day and I finally called UPS to complain. I really wanted to give them a chance because I really do like UPS. The last four UPS deliveries I've had (in the last week) the UPS man has left the packages behind a vehicle and all four times I've almost ran over my precious packages. I didn't even know they came because they've been wimps and haven't driven up my driveway lately. So they load up their dolly with my precious packages and pushed those heavy boxes up my long steep driveway. (Sorry, couldn't find a picture of my driveway, and my camera died as I was trying to take a picture)
What could be so precious you ask???
My Stampin' Up! products of course!

So... in response to UPS' question...
Brown could leave my packages by the door like normal delivery services!
Sorry, just needed to vent.

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