Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Parker Family Vacation 2008

We're back in Sunny and Fabulous San Diego! It was nice to get away and visit Family and see new things that our Beautiful Country had to offer us; as nice as it was we are glad to be back home where we belong. Let's start with a photo tour of our trip beginning to end. It's a little long.

The first day, we drove as far as Las Vegas. We stayed in the MGM Grand. Boy, is it Grand!
Here's a picture of half of our room the other side was complete with a living room, kitchen and huge bathroom.

The kids being silly in one of the beds in the hotel.

The kids playing with Grandpa Parker.

The kids and I at Hayden's Grave.

The kids playing with Grandma Parker.

Sage, building a Snowman for Hayden.

Hayden's Grave. The first day we took roses. The second day we left him the Shell Necklace from our Van's Rear View Mirror, so we could leave a piece of us there with him. The third day we left him a little wooden Fire Truck that I bought for him while I was pregnant with him.

The kids playing Alien's with Grandma Parker's Colanders.

President Gordon B. and Marjorie Hinckley's Grave. It's just right around the corner from where Hayden in Buried in the SLC Cemetery. The headstone was made from left over granite from the SLC Temple and the Conference Center.

We drove to Spanish Fork to visit my friend Marci. This is her Daughter Callie, She and Aurora a great friends and are only 4 months apart.

Callie giving Sage a taste of his own medicine. She really enjoyed tackling him.

Marci's Husband Shawn is a Police Officer in Provo, Utah. He let the kids play in his Police Car. Sage was frightened and wanted nothing to do with it. Aurora on the other hand had a blast!

We drove through Manti to see the Temple on our way to Moab.

We stopped at the park next to the Manti Temple, we found this statue of Moroni. He's my favorite Book of Mormon Hero.

This is the Monticello, Utah Temple

This is the Mesa, Arizona Temple. We stayed with my cousins who live directly across the street from the Temple.

This is one of the Arches in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. It was such a beautiful place. I don't know how one can look at things like this and not believe in a God.

Robert, the Kids and I in front of Arches National Park.

Robert, the Kids and I at Four Corners, the only place in the United States where the corners of four states touch. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The Grand Canyon. I went when I was in High School for a church campout. We hiked all the way down in the middle of July in the hottest heat I've ever experienced. Robert had never been there. It was much nicer this time, the exact opposite. There was snow everywhere. It is something we will never forget.
More of the Grand Canyon.

While on Vacation on 2006 in Washington, we discovered this great restaurant. We went on line and found one on our route home in Gilroy, Ca. We were excited to learn that there was one near my Cousins house in Mesa, Arizona.

Sage, coloring while waiting for his food.

On the way home from Mesa, Sage took Aurora's Stuffed Pig and buckled him into his booster seat with him. It was very cute. After all the driving we did, Sage stayed pretty happy, only complaining every once in a while about his back hurting. I was very proud of him!

Aurora on the other hand took lots of naps. This picture was taken today on our way home from Mesa, Arizona. She looks SO big in this picture! I can't believe how fast she is growing!
All in all it was a good trip. We are looking forward to planning out next big Family Vacation. We're thinking Yosemite and The Sequoia's.

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