Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NKOTB In Concert

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! It was so amazing!!!! Talk about childhood dream come true. I so glad that I went. It's very fitting that it was my very first concert. Now I can see why people go to them, albeit VERY loud. I don't think I'll hear properly for at least a week. Now for the details.
We got to Cox Arena at 6:45pm, and we waited in line until the doors opened at 7pm. We walked around and good something yummy to eat. Then we sat down. We had really great seats by the way! The show started at 8pm. Some crazy lady called "Lady Gaga" opened first, she was awful! Then Natasha Bedingfield performed. She was great! Then 25 minutes later NKOTB made their entrance.

They came up through the top of the stage

They definitely still have "The Right Stuff"

Everyone was dancing along with them, it was fantastic!

I just love Joey! He still looks exactly the same, in fact they all do.

Then they came out to this spinning platform that was 17 rows in front of us. It was great to see them so close up.

Jordan performed the song "Give It To You" from his solo album. Joey also performed "Stay The Same" from his solo album

Then they sang my favorite song "I'll Be Loving You"

I got too many pictures of Joey. I wonder why, could it be that he's simply gorgeous!!!

They flashed this cool logo up on the screen, right before they performed "Hang Tough"

They sang all their Greatest Hits and some of their new songs. Yes, I have a lot more pictures, but I didn't want to upload 298 pictures. I had a fabulous time!!! It's something that I will never ever forget. Thank you Yosha for taking me with you!!!!!! Your the BEST!!!!!! By the time we got home it was midnight and by the time I finally calmed down enough to sleep it was 2am. I still have songs in my head. My sore throat has turned into an almost non-existent voice from the teenage girl like screaming I did. Well I'm off to suck on some lemon & honey lozenges. The kids and I will be dancing all day to NKOTB! Sage & Aurora love them too!
The End

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