Friday, January 18, 2013

One Pet, Two Pets.

That's right, we are no longer a one pet home. Today we went to the shelter and picked out the cutest little dog. He's 8 months old and is shy, loving, sweet and dang cute! He has a extremely sad story. 

He was born in Mississippi and spent the first 4 months of his life roaming 2 acres in Alpine, Ca. His owners were hoarders and the county seized him and all forty of his siblings. He had every worm a dog can have and was nursed back to health at the local shelter. He has scars from his siblings attacking him while he tried to eat. he's healing nicely and the staff were sad to see him go but glad that he will now have his forever home.

We are so excited to have in our home, and show him how a pet deserves to be loved. So without further ado...

MacGyver Vader Parker. 

Sage picked the first name with a little coaxing from me. It totally fits him, he seemed to be a little mischievous when we met with him. Aurora picked the middle name. Her choice comes as no surprise since she's a Star Wars freak.

We will be bringing him home Wednesday at 4. He's having his man surgery this weekend and they want him to rest a bit before we bring him to his forever home. We'll post more pictures once he's home, this is from the website.

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