Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Revisited

Last year we made a list of all the stuff we wanted to do. I am happy to announce that we got it all done, except for the deck, since we moved to a new house right during the time of year that we usually take care of that.

1. Read the Book of Mormon as a family. (working on it, so far so good)
2. Buy bikes for Mom & Dad and go bike riding as a family
3. Visit family in Utah for Sage's baptism.
4. Sleepover with Grandma Mary.
5. Re-stain the deck
6. Go to Sea World twice before our passes expire in May
7. Trampoline Sleepovers
8. Go camping
9. Go to the beach more
10. Clean out and organize the garage
11. Buy annual passes to Disneyland / California Adventure and surprise Sage for his birthday with a two day trip and then go back every other month.

Tonight we will be making our 2013 list.

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Amber Lee said...

great for 2013????