Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B.O.O.T CAMP ~ Here I Come!

Wow! It's been almost a week since I last blogged. I've SO busy since then.

Saturday, I had to go to the Awesome Camp where our Stake(church group) Girl's Camp will be held in July to finalize the plans. We will be attending Butterfield Ranch Resort. It is an amazing place. When the Camp Leader and I were visiting campgrounds last November, we had already seen two others that morning and as soon as we drove onto the grounds, we knew without a doubt that this is where Girl's Camp was to be located.

We drove up and hiked one of the hikes that we want to take the girls on while we're there(yes, believe it or not, i actually hiked). Scary huh??? Now that everything is set; the Camp Leader and I feel at peace and are excited to get things ordered and organized for our awesome week long B.O.O.T CAMP. The B.O.O.T stands for Build On Our Testimonies. It will be an amazing week filled with pink and green camouflage shirts and dog tags, obstacle courses, paintball, mock battles, an awesome guest speaker, Military time, whistles, cadences, drill routines, reveille, taps, MRE's and a fabulous USO Show put on by yours truly and my partner in fun Juniper Riddle. Oh and let's not forget awesome fun provided by the Three Amigos (Me, Juniper & Diane). I seriously am so excited that i can hardly contain myself, and I can't wait! There will also be an amazing, out of this world spiritual experience that will everyone in attendance in tears.

These last few days have only made it more real for me. I've been typing my heart out, creating our awesome one-page pocket schedule, and the even more awesome song book; filled with the silliest songs you've ever heard and with some amazing hymn's for the more spiritual moments while at camp.

Did I mention that we will have our own PRIVATE pool? How awesome is that??? I've been searching for the perfect swim suit and finally found a modest one that doesn't have ginormous flowers and huge plaid strips. Seriously, don't designers know that curvy girls should NOT wear things like that?

Anywhoo, anyone who knew me as a teenager knows that me being in charge of Girls Camp is life coming back to bite me in the booty. I never, ever thought it would be me planning the awesome fun, but I am oh so glad it is!!! Watch out Sweetwater Stake Young Women, here comes Cula!

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Hey Butterfield Ranch Here!

We're glad you had a great time! We love your story and were wondering if we could write a segment on your trip here and include a few pictures.

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