Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mommy and Me

Today was so much fun! My Dad had the day off and so he and my Mom took Sage and spent the day together shopping, playing at the park and going to lunch at McDonald's. He got spoiled and had a blast being the center of attention! Aurora and I stayed home and watched Sleeping Beauty, she already loves it, and whenever the fairies appear she says "Fwhy, Fwhy" and whenever Sleeping Beauty appears she says "Wow". She loves to dance to all the music and runs to cuddle with me when the evil Maleficent appears. It's SO cute, and as you can guess I'm SO happy that she's a girly girl. She loves her necklaces and purses. She also loves boxes!!! She plays in them for what seems like hours.

She was trying to hide from me. We were playing Three Little Pigs and I was the Big Bad Wolf, and when I would change my voice and say "Little pig, little pig let me come in!" she would hide under the box. It was very cute!

She then decided that she would show off her newest trick. Climbing on the table and turning in the fan by pulling the apple. She hasn't quite figured out how to get down and so when she decides she's done, she cries for her "Mom Mom" and then flashes this super cute smile and you can't help but smile back at her.

After all the playing she decided to unwind in my arms with her right thumb in her mouth and her left hand twirling her hair. It's the only way she goes to sleep, that unless her "Dad Dad" is around then Mom is chopped liver. I really enjoyed spending the day with my Princess and I think she had a great day too, without her Brother bothering her and bulldozing her out of Mommy's arms.

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