Thursday, May 1, 2008


Finally, after 6 long months of saving and hard work; the outside of our house finally looks the way we want it to. It all started in November with painting the house then in December we painted the Garage. In January we planned it all out and got the deck looking like we want it to and in February and March we pulled weeds and pulled even more weeds and tore down the old patio covering and set up our new toy. We finally got those nasty weeds under control and laid down this fabric stuff that keeps them from growing back(HOORAY!!!). In April we planted VERY low-maintenance Lily of the Nile Plants (I am nothing like my Grandpa and have a very black thumb) and Pebbles and now we are done.

The Front Porch

Our grass is still nasty, but the flowers are blooming and look fabulous! Grass is next on our list.

Our deck that turned out to be a 2 year project

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