Friday, January 25, 2008


Today was definitely a Cinderellie kind of day. All day long I cleaned, cooked, played referee, tickle monster and slave. It all started as a quiet day. I awoke at 8am to a very quiet house, and to my surprise Sage & Aurora were still asleep; little did I know that it was the calm before the storm. I decided to start the laundry and just finished sorting it when both kids woke up screaming. Sage's allergies decided that today would be a good day rear they're ugly head. His eyes were crusted shut and he was freaking out because he couldn't open them. Aurora has been fighting a cold and fever all week and this morning it decided to top out at 104.4, so into a cold bath she went trying to bring down her body temperature. Luckily it worked. Right now she's at Urgent Care with Daddy making sure that she doesn't have a ear infection. After that, I was able to get the kids settled in front of the television while I cleaned the kitchen. I had to stop before I was done to stop Sage from body slamming Aurora into the floor. She finally fell asleep again, so I finished my laundry and house cleaning and sat down with Sage for a little one on one time. It was peaceful until Aurora woke up screaming again, so I took care of her needs and then started lunch for the kids. Sage kept changing his mind about what he wanted for lunch. He finally decided that he wanted a sandwich. Then we watched a couple episodes of Duck Tales and Aurora fell asleep and while I was putting her in her bed, Sage had completely demolished the Family Room. I came out asked him what he did. He answered me by saying..."I didn't do it, Rora did." After we cleaned that up Aurora woke up again and I spent the rest of the day holding her and chasing after my very enthusiastic Son. It was just one of those days where I wish that kids did exactly what they're told to do when they're told to do it, only in a perfect world. Oh, well.... I love my kids more than anything, I just neede to vent a little.

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