Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sassy Mouth

Anyone who knew my Grandma Bigler, me as a child and now knows Aurora will know that she's is a carbon copy of us. Her sassy mouth originated with her Great Grandma Bigler. I inherited it and passed it directly onto Aurora. 

This morning when she woke up she picked out her clothes, shoes and accessories for the day and then proceeded to pick out matching clothes for her sister, Lydia. 

They are both wearing dark denim shorts, black shirts, yellow flip flops, Blake Shelton hats and glasses(Aurora's are fake).

After they were dressed, Lydia was putting Aurora's hair in a ponytail and said something sassy to Aurora. Aurora's sassy response was...... "Excuse me? Who's buying you ice cream today? That's right, me! I can always change my mind you know?!"

This little girl cracks me up! She even has a certain facial expression that reminds me exactly of my Grandma Bigler. Aurora was only two weeks old when my Grandma passed away so it is amazing to see her everyday in my little sassy mouthed Princess.

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