Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Old Man...

In honor of Robert's 38th Birthday I am sharing 38 things that make him special.

1. He is hilarious
2. He is very relaxed which balances my craziness
3. He loves music
4. He is a wonderful son
5. He is an even better Husband
6. He is a wonderful Dad
7. He loves super spicy food
8. He is like Bruce Willis' character in UNBREAKABLE.
9. When he was younger he looked just like Neil Patrick Harris during his Doogie Howser years
10. He supports me and my dreams
11. He is always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on
12. He loves my Mom
13. His sarcasm
14. It was his idea to add to our family
15. He works hard to support our family
16. He loves Disneyland as much as I do
17. He's a thrill seeker
18. His willingness to serve others
19. How tender he is when he talks about Bryton and Hayden
20. He has become a real handyman
21. He helps me overcome my depression and anxiety
22. He loves to play with our fur babies
23. His patience
24. He never complains when I mess up dinner
25. His love of chocolate
26. His love for the scouting program at church
27. His love of movies
28. He loves a good root beer
29. He's become a master gardener
30. He grills our Turkey every thanksgiving
31. He can sleep anywhere
32. He falls asleep very easily
33. His willingness to help me more around the house since I am now limited in what I can do.
34. He does whatever it takes to make me happy
35. He loves Starbucks almost as much as I do
36. He can fix almost anything to do with the cars
37. He comes home from work when I have panic attacks and stays until I feel better
38. His love for his brothers and sisters

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