Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Excitement and Fear

This time of year I get very excited and very, very scared. Excited that school will soon be starting and i'll have a routine again and scared because I remember that we homeschool our children and they will be home with me 24/7.

Now, while I love my children more than anything in the world, admittedly there are times when I wish that they didn't have special needs and that I could send them off to school like everyone else. It makes me feel like a bad Mother for feeling that way, because what Mom wouldn't want their kids with them all day everyday.

That aside, I really do love all that comes with a new school year. I LOVE buying a new lesson planner and getting all of the curriculum sorted out and divided into what TLC calls LP's(learning periods). I love getting it all written and printed out. I thrive on having it all organized and ready to go. I've got it all ready on my end now i'm just waiting for the call from the school that everything is in and ready to be picked up.

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