Monday, September 10, 2012

Look Mom, I Made a Funny!

Is what Aurora says when she wants to tell me a joke or act goofy. Robert was getting ready for work thins morning and even though he still had 20 minutes before he had to leave Sage was very worried about him being on time. He finally said

 "Dad, you have to be on time or you'll get fired and then you won't have a job and you'll be home all day and we won't be able to fun things with you home, only Mom does fun things with us."

It was pretty funny! The funniest thing said this weekend came out of Aurora's mouth. Robert was in the kitchen making honey mustard dressing. Aurora walked in and saw him mixing the mustard, honey and lemon juice together. She flipped out and said

"Dad what are you doing?! Are you trying to poison me with that?!"

Our kids are seriously the funniest things ever and often provide us with free entertainment.