Friday, June 1, 2012

I {HEART} a sharp pencil!

I don't know about you but I seriously LOVE a perfectly sharp pencil. In the last 9 months of Homeschool the kids and I have gone through not one but two electric pencil sharpeners and at least 100 pencils. No matter what we did our pencil always came out like this.

Half sharpened pencils are not fun or easy to write with. We were never too happy with the quality but it was our only option,. A couple of weeks ago I was cruising some of my favorite blogs when I stumbled across a review for this really cool looking sharpener. I clicked the link and it took me right to THIS awesome website.         
Classrooom Friendly Supplies is owned and operated by fellow teacher Troy Decoff. I contacted Mr. Decoff and asked if I could review his awesome pencil sharpener. He promptly sent me this retro looking sharpener. Isn't it awesome?

To use it, simply pull out the silver piece and squeeze those 2 little black squares on the top together to put the pencil in.

Then, place your hand on top for support and turn the handle. It automatically slows down when your pencil is sharpened. next squeeze the little black squares to remove the pencil and.......

Ta Da!!!! A perfectly sharpened pencil. I am in love and went through the house and sharpened every pencil I could find. No more over sharpened pencils in our Homeschool and the best part is that our pencils will last a lot longer thanks to our new sharpener.

Don't forget to visit CLASSROOM FRIENDLY SUPPLIES and check out these AMAZING pencil sharpeners!


Unknown said...

I agree- I LOVE a sharp pencils!!

Anonymous said...

Good one!
Any pencil should be sharp to be used.
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