Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

It's HERE! The first day of school has been talked about non-stop for the last two weeks. The kids have been so excited and loved going in the learning room and checking out all the cool things that they'll get to use for school.

Of course we had to do the required first day pictures.

 Sage Landon, Age 7

Aurora Janell Isabelle, Age 4 1/2


The day started at 6am for me so I could get all of my chores done before the kids woke up. The kids got up at 7 got dressed and made their beds, had breakfast and then brushed their teeth and did their morning chores. At 8 they read books to each other for 30 minutes, then our school day started with the pledge of allegiance and calendar/weather charting for Aurora then we started on math since that is Sage's least favorite subject. We then wrote a rough draft letter to their AIM TLC teachers telling them about themselves, we finished reading THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH for his poster book report that he'll do tomorrow. We wrote in our journals about our favorite gift that we have ever received, for social studies we learned about Delaware and George Washington and then read a book about the American Flag and what it means to different people then we ended our day with art where we all made our own flags. We were done by 10:30, now that's my kind of school.

It is nice that Sage can work somewhat independently so I can do Pre-K lessons with Aurora and Gabby. We then watched a video the very first American Flag made by Betsy Ross and then took Gabby to her Preschool class and then Sage, Aurora and I celebrated an awesome first day of school with McDonald's. We had 2 hours of Mommy/Kid time which was fabulous then off we went to pick up the girls from School and Preschool and now we are relaxing and enjoying each other. Homeschool is GREAT!

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