Monday, August 22, 2011

Our School Room - Part 2

I think I'm finally happy with the school room. YAY! All that's missing is a white board which will go on the empty wall in picture below.

Preschool Charts and our map of the United States. The yellow tote holds frequently used supplies such as pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors and rulers. The table is our old kitchen table and the chairs are from IKEA

Here's a view of the closet that holds a dresser with our extra craft and misc. supplies and a little desk with our pet hamster Squishy. Then there's the circle time area for preschool with Aurora.

Of course we have to double up and use this room as a guest room as well, especially since we have a variety of people spending the night at least 2-3 times each month. The bed doubles as a reading area. I still need some art for the wall.

Here' are our bookcases with leveled readers, educational books that go with our curriculum  and manipulative's, as well as out nature shelf to display the things we find on our days out.

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