Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy 7th!

Happy Birthday to the little man who stole my heart seven years ago today! Sage is the most amazing kid ever. He is loving and kind and is my little cuddle bug. I'm not sure how much longer it will last so I am taking full advantage of it now. Here are seven things that we love about him.

1. How loving he is.
2. His fabulous imagination.
3. His warped sense of humor that he gets from his Grandma & Mom.
4. The fact that he mentions his Grandma & Hayden every night in his prayers.
5. He almost always will play whatever Aurora wants him to play.
6. He loves helping Daddy fix things.
7. How excited he gets over the littlest of things, he really loves to laugh.

We love you Sage with all of our hearts.

Love- Mom, Dad & Aurora

1 comment:

Prescott family said...

That's so sweet Cula! Made me tear up remembering when my boys turned 7. Seems like a million years ago.
Enjoy them while they still like to cuddle!
Happy birthday Sage!