Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baking Soda Experiments

We decided as a family that even though it was Summer Vacation that we would still learn and prove to the kids that learning can be tons of fun. A few weeks ago we were watching television as a family and there was this idea for making a baking soda volcano with your kids. Sage was mesmerized by the idea and we finally got around to it today.

We started with making colored "lava" in small cups so each kid could get a chance to do it on their own.

Sage did green

Aurora did red

Gabby did yellow

and Sage did the blue for me since I was taking pictures.

We then decided to make a bigger volcano

Sage and the girls had a great time learning about volcanoes and lava. We ended the day watching a video of a volcano erupting.

Next week we are going to learn more about Mt. Vesuvius and fossils.

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