Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Trip

Last week Sage had his very first Field Trip. It was also his very first time riding a bus. He was really looking forward to it. His class attended the local Fire Station and Museum. I was lucky enough to tag along.

His Class in front of the bus

My goofy son, thinking it was so cool that he didn't have to wear a seat belt

The firemen suited up and turned out the lights so they kids would know what to look and listen for in a real emergency.

The chief turned on the lights and sirens for the kids

Sage is just barely taller than the tire.

Sage got to show the other kids how little kids back in WWII era Lemon Grove would help out in the General Store. He thought that was so cool. He has been bugging me for a sliding ladder ever since.

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Unknown said...

I would want a cool sliding ladder, too!