Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break / Easter in Utah

For Easter this year we decided to go to Utah to visit friends and family.

 In preperation for the trip I found these great little clipboard caddy things at Target for the kids, so they could color while we drove. They were a big hit!

As we were coming into Utah I looked over at the mountains and saw snow. I was hoping that it would stay in the mountains.

The first day we went as far as Spanish Fork, Utah where we stayed with my friend Marci and her family. The next morning which was April 1st, I awoke to the worst April Fool's joke ever....... SNOW! I'm not a fan at all but the kids LOVE it so we turned them loose outside.

Sage & Aurora had a blast hanging out with thier "cousin" Callie.

We loaded the kids up and went into Provo and saw HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, then went to visit Hayden.

The kids of course had to make a snowman for Hayden.

My 3 kids and the snowman.

Sage then started a snowball fight at the cemetary.

The next day we went to Draper for a visit to THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Bakery that was reccomended by Stephanie Nielson of NIENIE DIALOGUES

The cupcakes were to die for!!! The one on the top left is called the Va-NIE-lla Squared and all the proceeds go to the Nielson family to help pay for thier burn treatments.

I apologize for the flipped photo's, Blogger is being wierd.

We then went to Village Inn where Sage informed me that with crayons inbetween his fingers he's just like Wolverine.

The next day the kids had to build themselves Snowmen. Aurora insisted on a Princess Snowman, so we cut and colored paper and make a crown and bracelet

Sage insisted on a Spiderman/Pirate Snowman

The next day was Easter so we did an Egg Hunt where Sage found the golden egg. Then we went a visited Hayden one last time before leaving town to next morning.

We then found the house that once belonged to Robert's Grandpa in North Salt Lake.

One way home Monday we stopped in Scipio for gas and I saw this in the window

Only in Utah!

We stopped at Zion National Park since Robert had never been there. We drove a mile through this awesome tunnel in the mountain.

Sage & Aurora thought it was AWESOME and that Robert was the smartest Daddy ever for finding the way out of the tunnel.

I love this arch cut into the rock!

All in all it was a great trip and we had fun visiting family and playing with friends. We made lots of great memories.


Marissa said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had an awesome time. How did you like How To Train Your Dragon? We loved it.

Unknown said...

I read about those cupcakes on nie-nie's blog. Those look SO yummy!
Glad you had a great time in UT! :)