Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Fun!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We've started a new tradition in our home. Every Holiday no matter how small is a special day where we will do something fun!

Last night for Family Home Evening we went shopping for supplies to make Leprechaun Traps. We came home and the kids colored lunch bags with rainbows, pots of gold and shamrocks to lure the Leprechaun's into the bag where they would find their favorite thing in the world GOLD COINS!!!
Here's what the kids woke up to in the kitchen. Leprechaun tracks!!! We've been leaving Leprechaun Tracks out side all weekend long to help get the kids excited for the Holiday. The tracks today went from the table all the way out the back door and down the ramp.

Sage was bummed when he saw that he didn't catch a Leprechaun! As he looked in his trap he exclaimed " Those stinking, tricky Leprechaun's!!! But as promised the Leprechaun's left a surprise.... Lucky Charms Cereal!!!

Those Leprechaun's sure are tricky!!! Before the left they turned our pancake mix and our milk GREEN!!! Sage and Aurora thought that was sooo funny!!!

The kids eating green pancakes and drinking green milk.

I'll post more pictures of our holiday fun, later on tonight.

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