Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chirstmas Morning

Christmas was great! The kids had fun, Sage got what he wanted and Aurora is very happy with her new presents. Sage played Santa and handed out all the presents, he loved it. Here's a few pictures from the day.

Aurora opening her cooking set. She also got dishes and food for her cupboard. Soon she'll have a fridge and oven/stove to match.

Aurora also got a doll complete with a little bed, and when you flip it over it's a cradle. She also got a stroller to push her doll in. She loves playing Mommy.

Sage opening one of his games for his new V-Smile that his Uncle Joey and Aunt Amy bought him and Aurora.

Sage opening the gifts in his stocking

Aurora loves the her new hair rubber bands, they don't pull her hair out.

The kids in their new pj's made by Grandma. They opened these on Christmas Eve. Robert and I even have pj's that match the kids.
We hope that you all had a great Christmas and that you have a fabulous New Year!

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